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The Marine Mammal Center
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 Dollar a Pound

What Do Hundreds of
Hungry Pups Sound Like?

Dear Friend,

Do you hear what I hear? It’s the sound of hundreds of hungry pups!

Singing ellies

From howls to cackles to roars, our 220 patients are making themselves heard, and the loudest by far are the elephant seals.

These big babies should weigh about 250 pounds by the time they are one month old, but many of our patients are admitted weighing less than half that! No wonder they are crying out for a meal!

Buy some fish today

You may remember that our very first pup this year was an elephant seal named Januellie. Like many of our current patients, she was likely a victim of one of the major El Niño storms we’ve seen this year off the California coast.

You can help a pup like Januellie get the fish she needs to get a second chance at life and grow strong enough to return to the wild. Will you feed a seal a meal?

Since her rescue in January, Januellie has been putting on the pounds. She has also shed her “blackcoat,” or baby fur, and the wounds on her face are healing.

Januellie, before and after

Januellie’s before-and-after beauty shots make for a great success story—and it’s all thanks to the fishy meals she’s being fed four times a day and the kind people like you who are contributing to our Dollar-a-Pound campaign.

Patients like Januellie need to eat more than 10 percent of their weight in fish each day to get healthy—and with 50% more elephant seal pups in our care than usual, our food bills are huge!

We’re going through 1,000 pounds of fish a day—at a cost of $1,000 a day!—just to keep these hungry pups fed.

That’s why I’m asking for your help. Will you feed a hungry pup today?

Dr. Jeff Boehm
Jeff Boehm signature - transparent 

Dr. Jeff Boehm
Executive Director 
The Marine Mammal Center

P.S. I bet you’ll agree that the best sound these pup patients make is a big splash into the ocean after they’ve been released. Your gift can make a second chance possible.
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