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Adopt-a-Seal® 'Akulikuli Exclusive Digital Download!
Adopt-a-Seal® 'Akulikuli Exclusive Digital Download!

Hawaiian monk seal ‘Ākulikuli, Patient of the Year

Hawaiian monk seal ‘Ākulikuli, Patient of the Year

Adopt-a-Seal® ‘Ākulikuli – Nominee for 2019 Patient of the Year

As part of our 2019 Patient of the Year celebration, adopt ‘Ākulikuli today and receive this exclusive digital-only Adopt-a-Seal®.

Hawaiian monk seal pup ‘Ākulikuli was rescued from Laysan Island in the remote Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. He had recently weaned from his mother, but was not getting the nutrition he needed and was severely underweight.

Hawaiian monk seals are an endangered species, with only about 1,400 left in the wild. So it was important that ‘Ākulikuli be brought to Ke Kai Ola, our Hawaiian monk seal hospital on the island of Hawai‘i, for rehabilitative care.

Despite being malnourished, our veterinarians noted that he was active and in otherwise good health. ‘Ākulikuli was tube-fed a nutritious formula at first and soon transitioned to eating whole fish on his own. Human contact was minimal and specialized enrichment activities encouraged him to develop natural behaviors and skills to ensure he’d have the best chance of survival out in the wild.

Thank you for your generous donation and for making a difference in the life of a marine mammal like ‘Ākulikuli.

Adoption Details
‘Ākulikuli is an exclusive digital-only Adopt-a-Seal®. When you adopt ‘Ākulikuli, you’ll automatically be able to download your adoption certificate that shares his photo and story on the back. Thanks to your generosity, you’ll make a difference in the life of a marine mammal like ‘Ākulikuli. Please note – this is a digital certificate; you will not receive a certificate in the mail!

Download your digital Adopt-a-Seal® today!