Adopt-a-Seal® of the Month Club

Adopt-a-Seal Bogey

Make an even greater impact!

The Adopt-a-Seal® of the Month Club is the perfect way to make a long-term difference for marine mammals. For one year, you or your loved one will receive a series of different marine mammal adoptees, complete with their biography and photo (12 in total).

Each month you’ll have the opportunity to learn a unique story about a marine mammal rescued by The Marine Mammal Center. With a variety of patients, including seals, sea lions and sea otters, you’ll be inspired by the difference you’ve made.

Your first Adopt-a-Seal® will arrive within 2 weeks, and then one will be shipped each month. Make a lasting impression and join the Adopt-a-Seal® of the Month Club today!

Adoption Details
Each month, you’ll received a personalized adoption certificate with a different animal’s photo and story. Your membership in this very special club will make a real difference for marine mammals.

Last Minute Gift?
Purchasing Adopt-a-Seal® of the Month as a last-minute gift? You will receive a link to a printable, temporary certificate you can present to your loved one. The personalized certificate will arrive in the mail in a few days.

Free USPS shipping included!




Adopt-a-SealŪ of the Month Club
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