b'FINANCIAL SUMMARY ContinuedStatement of Financial Positionas of September 30, 2020Assets Cash and cash equivalents$1,220,385Restricted cash$373,601Investments $16,749,573Accounts receivable $192,601Contributions receivable $1,422,510Prepaid expenses and other assets $301,616Property and equipment, net$24,596,930Total Assets $44,857,216LiabilitiesAccounts payable and accrued expenses $1,114,690Capital lease obligations$230,266Deferred revenue$66,178Notes payable$10,000Total Liabilities$1,421,134Net AssetsWithout donor restrictions $39,026,846With donor restrictions$4,409,236icted $626,209 Total Net Assets $43,436,082Total Liabilities and Net Assets$44,857,216Audited financial statements for fiscal year 2020 are available at The Marine Mammal Centers administrative office and on our website at MarineMammalCenter.org. Fiscal Year 2020 Impact Report | MarineMammalCenter.org'