b'FINANCIAL SUMMARY Statement of Activitiesfor the year ended September 30, 2020Support and Revenue Contributions and grants $8,631,88345%Bequests $5,709,40530%Paycheck Protection Program$1,281,2917%Return on investments, net $1,242,499 6%Federal and state government service contracts$1,176,5696% The Marine Mammal Center sincerely Donated materials, services and equipment $663,3543% appreciates and proudly recognizes the Other revenue$366,4822% generous support received from donors Education program fees and retail revenue $182,3501% who are helping ensure a healthy ocean Total Support and Revenue $19,253,833 for marine mammals and humans alike. Expenses Careful stewardship of these financial resources is key to increasing our impact Veterinary science programs $9,553,84361% in the face of ongoing marine mammal Educational programs $2,775,75018% health threats and a rapidly changing Management and general$1,719,08811% ocean environment.Fundraising $1,560,24610%Total Expenses $15,608,927Change in Net Assets$3,644,906Transfer to reserves ($3,644,906)Net Impact $0Fiscal Year 2020 Impact Report | MarineMammalCenter.org'