b'ADVANCING GLOBAL OCEAN CONSERVATIONReflections on growth and gratitudeMuch has been put to the test, but thanks to thisWhile we were farther away from one another this past steadfast community, the Center was able to adapt,year, Ive never felt closer to you, our supporters. Your continuing its core work safely while pursuing innovativeunwavering commitment to our mission fuels us and allows ways to connect, educate and inspire. Thank you.us to have high impact in spite of the challenges we face.Cecily Majerus, M.A. Jeff Boehm, DVM, Dipl. ACAWChair of the Board of DirectorsChief Executive Officer While this year was a challenge in many ways, yourYour support is essential for our necropsies and research, generous support ensured that marine mammals werebecause it advances our overall understanding and allows responded to while we continued to prioritize safetyfor future inquiry. Thank you so much for your contribution for our staff and volunteers. Thank you from our team! and giving us the ability to further our conservation work.Aliah Meza Barbie HalaskaOperations Manager, San Luis Obispo OperationsNecropsy ManagerYour contributions supported teachers and studentsYou enable a whole community of staff and volunteers to by providing curriculum and virtual opportunities thatmake a difference. Were able to rescue and heal marine brought science to life, helping them become oceanmammals while sharing our scientific knowledge with the stewards. During a year when schools have been soglobal community. Through that, generations of people, affected, the impact of these programs is even moreyounger and older, locally and globally, are inspired by the meaningful. Thank you for helping to make this possible! unique story and mission of the Center. Thank you.Jade Fugini-LawsMarc LieSchool Partners Coordinator Animal Husbandry and Rescue VolunteerFiscal Year 2020 Impact Report | MarineMammalCenter.org'