b'THE MARINE MAMMAL CENTERFiscal Year 2020 IMPACT REPORTOctober 2019September 2020 Guided and inspired by a shared vision of a healthy ocean for marine mammals and humans alikeOUR MISSION Inspired by a growing needThe Marine Mammal Center advances global oceanThe ocean is in trouble. From the depletion of fish stocks to increasingconservation through marine mammal rescue andocean temperatures, human activity threatens marine ecosystems that are rehabilitation, scientific research, and education. vital to the health of our ocean and all life on earth. The Marine Mammal Center is a critical first responder to these threats and a leader in the field of ocean conservation through our work in marine mammal rescue, science and education. Marine mammals are ecosystem indicators, and the health of these animals provides insights into human and ocean health threats. Together, we are taking action today to support a network of scientists and stewards to protect our shared ocean environment for future generations.Accomplished by a dedicated communityThanks to support from people like you, the Center continued its core work as an essential business while prioritizing staff and volunteer safety during this unprecedented time. Throughout fiscal year 2020, approximately 1,070 volunteers recorded about 76,792 hours, remotely and onsite, in service to the Centers mission.Made possible by supporters like youMore than 90 percent of our funding comes from charitable gifts contributedby individuals, foundations and corporations. None of this life-saving work is possible without people like you.Fiscal Year 2020 Impact Report | MarineMammalCenter.org'